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Water is essential to life – that’s non-contestable. Living in a developed nation, it’s easy to forget that drinkable water is a luxury. Most people can’t imagine not having a sink in their house. Yet all over the world, women are spending up to 6 hours every day collecting water for their families.

I'm raising $2,500 to bring clean water to the women of Homa Bay. Water is a women’s issue and one of the largest barriers to womens' empowerment globally. But we can change that - water can become an opportunity. Every girl deserves an education, every mother deserves healthy children, and every human being deserves clean water. 

Your donation can make that reality come true in your world.

$20.00 can bring water to one person for life, $70.00 can train one woman to become a Water and Sanitation volunteer in her community positively impacting the lives of hundreds - but even a single dollar can change a life.

Thank you for your support!

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Who is Mama Maji?

A few years ago, a single woman stood up for her community. She stepped forward and asked for investment; investment in herself and in her community. We came to work in this community at the request of that one woman, coming forward to ask us to  bring clean water to her village.

The women in her village called her Mama Maji, Mother Water. And these women took advantage of what Mama Maji brought them, working hard to bring their community the water they needed to succeed. They sacrificed their time and their land, all for a healthier community. They learned water systems, leadership skills, sustainable business techniques. They were determined to create a sustainable water source for their village. Through water, these women impacted 2,000 lives, including their own, and started a cycle of success that spread out like a ripple.

After coming home from Kenya, we knew that our work had found us. In the spirit of that first woman we founded Mama Maji in the heart of New Orleans, a revitalized community deeply familiar with the concept of outside development,  intent on utilizing water to change the lives of women both locally and abroad. Today our mission is to empower women to change their world through water. 

You can be a part of that ripple.

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